7 job titles you can hold with your graphic design skills in 2018

Graphic Design Jobs in Marketing

Marketing Exec – you’ll create promotional materials, like coupons or ads that show shoppers what the latest sales are.

Branding designer – for a lot of really well-known companies, their branding is so strong that you can recognise one of their products instantly with a small piece of information (like a specific colour, say).

Logo design – though it’s a niche, there are plenty of people whose entire job consists of creating logos. This is perfect for designers who love to spend a good time on the drawing board.

Content strategist – these people love to help consumers have the right experience with a brand or client’s content, and graphic design goes a long way towards helping that.

Email marketing – yes, you can have a career designing emails to make sure they meet client’s communications needs and goals. You’ll need to work with HTML and CSS.

Advertising designer – you’ll work with the rest of the advertising team – including copywriters and the art directors – to come up with the perfect way to advertise a client’s product.

Director of advertising – if you’ve got a background in ads, then you can rise to become the director of advertising, who not only will need to know how to make the ads look good, but will have to deal with clients, too.

Also there are plenty of other options for good graphic designers, such us Product Development | Editorial | Web Development | Creativity | PR | Printing and many more. Keep exploring, maximise your limits and capabilities.


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