7 Tips for A Successful Business

To make sustained growth more likely, small businesses need a smart, strategic plan. Always plan ahead and most importantly, invest in yourself.

First comes the idea, then a bit of follow-through and, ideally, in the end you have a business.

But if a company thrives, it's not because its founder filed all the right paperwork, got a mailbox and had business cards made up. There's so much more to building a successful business than those initial basics.

In fact, to make sustained growth more likely, small businesses need a smart, strategic plan. Whether a company is in its infancy or has been around for years, there are a few things every savvy small-business owner needs to keep in mind.

Identify your customers

It's important to share word of your business when you start out and as you grow in order to maintain a customer base. But instead of the cast-a-wide-net approach, try something a little more focused, strategic and rooted in research. Invest in market research—which you can either hire consultants to do or informally conduct yourself—to best identify who your customers are, then compare that data with who you would like your customers to be. From there, you can make an informed decision about where and how to reach them and launch a marketing initiative with a better chance of yielding a return on your investment.

Invest in the basics

Experts have said time and again that a business's success ultimately comes down to its people. Be prepared to pony up the time and energy it takes to vet, recruit, hire and train employees that not only are qualified but also fit within your organization. That means looking ahead to figure out which position you’ll need to hire for, and networking to find the best candidates.

Another fundamental element of a successful company in 2019 is its website. Having an amateurish online presence will hurt your business success and steer people to your competitors with more refined web content. There's a price tag on a good website, but it’s payback that makes it worthwhile. Once again, plan ahead and don’t be too afraid to invest, because without the investment there can’t be no return.

The (www) effect

When it comes to the online sector, the small business phenomenon has increased by 54% since 2016. I am talking here about the average advertising budget which in this case, makes the most important subject here. This means that people invest a whole bunch of money into online advertising and online marketing, that this method works and delivers great results.

Most of the people that form your main audience are already online. And this is why it is important to be there, to have a website, invest in content marketing and banner ads in order to survive and thrive.

Considering that 72% of the small business owners conduct their own digital marketing strategies and that in great numbers, they handle all these efforts by themselves it is important to do the same if you are running a business or consider starting one. Also, it is important to know what do, when to do it and why to do certain things as well.

Your business Logo is your best asset

Managers should always take this into consideration because it is probably the most important asset that your business has, it is basically your online/offline image. A colourful and pristine logo design is what attracts customers, brings in capital, it creates bridges, grants credibility and most important it shows that your business has a pristine image. Many often make the mistake of planning all the business from top to bottom but the last thing that they consider to do is to create a smart and colourful logo.

Advertising strategies can be very helpful in many situations but nothing shouts out your capacities more like a logo does, more important a well designed logo can attract a lot of customers simply by creating curiosity and reliability. A solid business logo is something that a CEO should develop before jumping into the open market, a wise CEO knows how much a logo matters because it has the power of influencing your customers in a positive or negative manner even before they access your website or enter your store.

A bespoke logo isn’t just for distinguishing a company from its competitors a good logo it creates a way of showing your consumers what your company represents what it sells and how efficient it is.

Remember! Your logo basically sends a message every time it is viewed and you are the one who defines how they react.

Plan conservatively

Do everything you can to avoid being surprised when you don't reach financial goals. Set realistic expectations, and have a clear plan on how to get there. Undershooting your revenue estimates will help ensure that your plans, which are based on how much money your business makes, won't derail the company. If you aim high and fall short of reaching your expected margins, it can be disastrous to your firm.

Social media marketing is important

There are over 3 billion social media users. This is a huge market that is one click away from you, should you use social media professionally and consistently. 71% of the people who spend time online in general and particularly on Facebook, say they tend to trust the branded information – the content – they read on social media channels.

This means that social media is not to be neglected and you should be aware that, for some audiences, if you are not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you don’t exist as a business. Create your page, schedule a continuous flux of posts and company news and engaged actively with your fans and followers.


Whether you are just starting up with a new business or you are trying to expand and grow awareness on an existing brand, there are a lot of things to consider should you aim to achieve success. It will not come overnight but if you insist on doing the right things, you will eventually achieve it.

This article has aimed to pinpoint some of the most important things you need to do in order to make your business successful and I hope that if you have any other important points that you think should be included on this list, you will share them with us.

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