Business Logo vs. Brand — what’s the actual difference in 2019?

Apple vs Samsung, Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, Amazon vs eBay, Facebook vs Twitter — these debates have been in existence since forever. Populations, not just mini groups, have defended their sides for long time. There have been continuous attempts to strengthen the sides with supporters and more. But to think of it, what is all the debate and support for?

Steve would say — ‘sugared water’! And that will be right, isn’t it? The ingredients are the same. For all you know, the recipe is the same. What could be the differentiator to create such a strong following that people are ready to defend their stand in whichever way possible?

Coca-Cola and Pepsi started with similar logos. And yet, Coca-Cola for long has strategically been an emotion-inducing brand. Pepsi in the meanwhile, related with high-energy, music, and at times, humour. Samsung tried multiple offerings including the use of a phone as a fully functional PC and yet Apple stood its ground as the innovating mobile brand.

Brands, not technologies, are the organizing principles of global businesses; brands answer increasingly important 21st century human needs for belonging and emotional rewards in an alienating world and globalization means people need brands to negotiate this world and feel good about themselves.

With Logo vs. Brand, I wish to create some logical comparisons between a logo and a brand, to illustrate their definitive role, so that as you create a new business or help one grow, you are conscious of the possibilities and can use the newly found learning(s) to your business’ advantage.

What’s the commonly acknowledged difference?

Brand is like a human being and logo is like the uniform it wears! These are two of the main multiple responses to my Facebook when I quizzed my Facebook timeline about the difference between a logo and a brand.

And I have to admit, it’s not just the founders, or the shareholders, or the laymen, or the students… it’s something almost everyone, even some graphic designers, struggle to differentiate with clarity.

One differentiation that most tend to agree with, even subconsciously, is pricing! A custom logo should cost about £50 - £100 for a small local business and going over that for a medium size company and so on. A brand, however, to most people sounds like a heartbreak that adds multiple zeros to a logo, amounting to a setback of £5000 and beyond.

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