Choosing the Right Logo Designer

Searching for a graphic design services provider isn’t always easy, it takes time, effort, research and money, it’s a long and miserable task for any business owner: small, medium or even large corporation. First and foremost, you should consider writing a plan of what exactly are you looking for, what are your business needs, how fast do you need it or what is your budget. Also, must have in mind when looking for a logo designer, what is it that you’re getting with your package, has it got unlimited revisions, does it come with a variety of formats, png, jpeg, vector file, psd and so on, these are the important files that you’re going to need it along the way, so make sure the provider you choose are able to provide these with no extra cost.

Peter at ZM IT SOLUTIONS once said “The primary role of a logo is to identify, who you are and what you do”, these are the rules that Peter followed for over 9 years of running ZM IT SOLUTIONS: Graphic Design and Marketing Studio based in Ipswich, UK. Without these set rules, no logo can be perfectly designed to any business in the world. Let’s not get confused, logo is not a branding, but it’s a very important part of it, many small businesses think that once they have a logo, there is nothing else, that is a very big mistake to make. A logo will come to symbolize your company more than anything else. Finding a company that can craft a sophisticated design takes research, open communication, and an honest evaluation of your business. This means, as a business owner, before working on any ideas you need to fully understand the environment in which the logo will be seen. Who are the brands competitors and how do they look? What colours and symbols are already owned by established competition? How can we differentiate the logo so the business stands out from the crowd? We spoke to many local business, online bloggers, design experts, and small business owners to sum-up all the information and provide you with these tips to help you in choosing the right designer for your business logo…

1. Set up your budget.

Before any search even begins, you must find out how much you can spend on the logo. One thing to keep in mind is that, like any other business investment, the more you put into it, the greater the return. A simple, small business logo can cost you around £100. In reality, small businesses should expect to spend anywhere from £250 to £450 for a logo, maybe even more in some cases. Remember that logo is to identify, it must reflect every aspect of your business and values it provides. In the end, you get what you pay for and as horrible as it sounds, it’s true and proven by many designers and businesses.

2. Talk about your company and its plans.

This may sound very obvious, but you should try and avoid that conference-room chaos mentioned earlier. During your first meeting, a good graphic designer will ask you to describe your company’s personality, tone, and future plans. Some agencies use questionnaires to make things easier. For companies just starting out, or even for older companies shopping for a fresh logo, answering these questions can prove tricky, especially if you have partners and associates with you; not everyone may agree on what defines your company and where the logo should go. If you decide to go for a cheap logo design, expect designer not to give damn about you company, more than likely he’s just looking to get paid and move on. So, choose the graphic design agency that cares and are dedicated to provide the best for your business.

3. What’s included.

Many graphic design agencies out there do not provide a full logo design package, instead they will offer a cheap logo design to attract its customers and then, when time comes, you’ll find yourself in the position where you need a vector file, transparent logo files or even small resolution pictures of your logo, to get these, you’ll be asked to pay again separately as it does not include in the package. Make sure to read they terms and conditions or full package details of what’s included and what’s not, because in the long run, you could end up spending more than anticipated. Compare the prices for the all packages and decide which one is better for you.

Logo design should be unique, take your time to think and research. There are many logo designers out there, so choose wisely, decide what you need and what you want. Just remember, once you choose a logo design for you company and stick with it, it will be seen everywhere, people will talk about it, it will reflect your business, so make sure it’s a good one.

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