How to advertise your Business efficiently and effectively with Facebook Ads?

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Facebook advertising is becoming very useful, especially when you explore its potential and all its targeting options in 2018.

Being for just under 9 years in the marketing and graphic design business, we have seen a lot of very good and very bad Facebook advertising. Even big businesses sometimes do make mistakes, at the end of the day, we’re only humans, unlike robots, we can’t find the solution without making the mistake at first, that’s how we learn. We have helped a lot of companies to create their perfect marketing strategies and bring those paying customers, we have done our research and watched other companies, so we can prevent these marketing mistakes from happening to us and our clients.

This time we’re going to show you the fundamentals and secret tricks to succeed in every aspect of Facebook advertising.

Starting with the basic Facebook advertising, here are all the advertising types you can create on Facebook in 2018:

Page Post Engagement

I’s one of the most popular and successful ad types. It’s very good for boosting your business content’s reach, while it works both with published or unpublished posts too.

Page Likes

This is another popular option, though its popularity is not always reflected in its success. Many Facebook Pages use this ad type to grow their audience, but the lack of proper targeting and engagement (comments, shares, clicks to the site), may lead to a waste of your budget.

Clicks to website

This ad type can be very useful when you’re trying to increase the traffic to your site, or when you want to drive users to a specific landing page to promote a campaign.

Website conversions

This is a great option for lead generation and ecommerce which requires the installation of a tracking pixel to the site to measure the number of visitors that turned into customers, coming directly from Facebook.

Offer claims

If you just launched an offer on your Facebook page, then this ad type may help you drive more users to your Facebook page to ensure a larger participation.

Video views

Facebook video ads has made this option very popular, helping businesses to promote their video content directly to the most relevant audience. We highly recommend for all videos to be no longer than 1 minute in length for the best performance and results.

Local awareness

Last but not least, local awareness is about advertising on mobile devices, according to a set location and it can be very useful for a local business trying to beat its competitors.

Facebook’s deep targeting allows you to create an ad that reaches a very specific audience, and it goes beyond the expected demographics, by even targeting particular life events, political beliefs, parents (even defining the age of children), or friends of people celebrating life events.

This increases the chances of spreading your message to the right audience, which is also cost-effective, as you won’t spend your budget on users who are not interested in your product.

Here are some examples on how targeting works, depending on the audience and the goals.

If you need PR exposure, then you can target journalists, employees of local TV, radio, newspapers to learn about your story.

If you want links, then you can write an amazing post and then promote it to influencers, writers, journalists and get links

If you want sales, then you can run ads that target the customers of your competitors and they’ll convert.

If your goal is to increase your business sales, you might want to consider the idea of running three different Facebook ad types to improve your potential:

1. Offer ad (with shipping deal, or discount)

2. Carousel ad (showcasing the images of the products)

3. Website clicks ad (to increase the traffic back to the site)

Take a look at some important tips and tricks we have created for you to succeed in Facebook marketing:

Be extremely picky with your targeting. Narrow it down as much as possible to increase its effectiveness.

Use awesome images. Don’t underestimate the power of images. The size should be at least 600×314, while 1200×628 makes ads even more appealing.

Set a goal. Don’t start posting ads before you have a clear goal in mind. Set a measurable number, a due date, and workable guidelines for your goal

Use ad scheduling. Post the ads in the best possible time, don’t waste your money in the wrong time. Also, if you’re running call-only mobile ads, make sure you use them when you’re open.

A/B test every advert. Keep experimenting with ad types and images until you find the best ones for your goals.

Think outside the box. Be creative, come up with new ways to promote your business. How about running ads at your competitors’ locations to appeal to their customers?

Image should include less than 20% text. Even if Facebook allows you to add more text, you don’t have to use the space, as the further you get from 20%, the less the reach.

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