Why business LOGO is so important?

Our small and creative design and brand identity consultancy team are often have to explain the difference between a logo design, corporate identity and branding to clients so here is a very brief explanation:

Logo design – A logo is a mark or icon that visually identifies a company.

Corporate identity – A package of visual aspects that form part of the overall brand and include the logo. Branding – Encompasses the perceived psychological and emotional corporate image as a whole.

ZM IT SOLUTIONS logo designers can help brands establish their unique story, raise their company’s profile, help them grow and evolve, create an atmosphere that entices potential customers to purchase without you having to do the hard selling. Our design team can make your business stand out from the crowd with engaging professional logo design.

In business, good logo design and branding isn’t a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity whatever business you’re in, the right company image is vital if your business is to make a lasting impression, develop, grow and reach its full potential. According to the Design Council in England, almost 50% of all businesses are heading for long-term decline by failing to invest in professional graphic design.

A company logo is usually the first thing a potential customer sees and identifies with. In a very crowded marketplace, we believe that effective marketing is impossible without a strong brand image, it is the essence of your business, your tone of voice, vital to give customers a strong reason to choose your brand over the competition.

ZM IT SOLUTIONS specializes in creating a unique, relevant and memorable logo design, corporate identities and branding, which will not only raise the visibility of your company and add a professional look to your business but will also make it stand out ahead of the competition. Our aim is to help businesses of all sizes get their message across with professional, high-quality, cost-effective, creative graphic design.

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